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Get Paid To Post On Social Media

How It Works

  • We notify you of special offers and provide you with images to share on facebook.
  • You earn 20% commission whenever someone makes a purchase based on your posts.
  • You can track your earnings at any time in your account.


What Is Valentina?

Valentina is a social jewellery brand.

We market through micro-influencers on social media, share the profits with you (you get 20% on all sales) and we pass the savings on to your followers.

Everyone wins!

Whether you want to make a little extra cash or to start something big, Valentina will help you get there. So go ahead, be your own boss!

Why Valentina?

Uncapped Earnings

20% commission on all sales.

No Fees

Joining is fast, easy and free.

Giving Back

With each product sold Valentina provides food and education to a child in need.

No Commitment

There is no commitment and you can start earning within 5 minutes.