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With Valentina you can start monetising from your social media accounts within minutes and you'll be helping to make the world a better place. 

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Uncapped Earnings

20% commission on all sales.

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Giving Back

With each product sold Valentina provides food and education to a child in need.

No Commitment

There is no commitment and you can start earning within 5 minutes.

What Can You Earn?

Parties Per Week Monthly Earnings Annual Earnings
1 £500 £6,000
3 £1,500 £18,000
5 £2,500 £30,000
7 £3,500 £42,000

*Based on an average party with £390 in customer sales. This is not a representation of what you may or will earn. Actual earnings will differ from person to person, depending on individual efforts and skill, customer base and time devoted to the business.

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