How We Give

Every Purchase Has A Purpose

Through your purchases, Valentina helps provide food and education to children in need. Each necklace and charm provides a day of school meals.

How It Happens


Sales of all Valentina products drive Giving. Every time a Valentina product is purchased, a child in need is helped.


We collaborate with nonprofit partners to ensure that the aid given is provided efficiently and to those who really need it.


Each month we tally up the total number of charms and necklaces sold and make a donation to cover the costs of providing the meals and education associated with those purchases.

Feeding Minds, Not Just Bodies

In many parts of the world education is provided but school attendance of the poorest children is very low. The reason is simple; if the children do not work, their families cannot feed them.

A daily school meal not only means better nutrition and health, but also increased access to and achievement in education.