The Secret of Party Planning: Why Planning is the Foundation of a Successful Business


A few weeks ago I was tasked with starting a blog which would cover the many facets of running a successful Valentina business. This was to be a resource for all distributors so that they would be able to see where they should devote their time and efforts in order to create the most value in the least amount of time. 

I realised that this was best approached through the eyes of a new distributor who had not yet had any guidance from their mentor. This way I would leave no stone unturned and there would be no important omissions.

This is in no way intended to replace the ongoing mentoring you are receiving within your team, the goal is that this guidance will serve as a useful accompaniment and provide a foundation of knowledge which your mentor can build upon.

The most important aspect of my own success and the first thing I express to all new team members is the importance of planning. You are running your own business and in order to make it a success you will need to plan effectively. When you are first starting out, it feels as though every little thing is a top priority and this can be overwhelming. 

The first step when you launch your business is to read the quick start guide and set your business goals. From there your mentor and upline director will be able to set you regular milestones in order to guide you through the process of building a successful business.

Planning the Old Fashioned Way

When I first started as a party planner, I would jot things down on post-it notes, loose papers, my hands – whatever was available at the time. Putting pen to paper when speaking to my mentor always made me feel like I was committing to the course of action we’d agreed. But this was far from organised and was of little use when it came to keeping me on track and really committing to the schedule we’d agreed.

It helped some when I switched to using a notebook (on my mentor’s insistence) but it wasn’t until I committed to using a real planner that my tasks and goals really aligned.

| "To Make this Week Successful I need to…"

In order to progress you need to set small achievable goals and then reassess when you achieve them. This will ensure that you always know your next steps and are never overwhelmed – your mentor and upline director will be key in helping you plan your success.

You should set yourself strict business hours and only work on these things during those times, you’ll be more motivated to get the things done when there is time is set aside specifically for that task.

Within my team everyone operates on a two-week schedule. We work together to set goals for each team member and then set a series of smaller milestones each with their own deadline. My role as a mentor is to keep people on track to achieving their goals and to follow up with my team to motivate them and guide them to achieving the milestones within the agreed timescale. This method also means that I can clearly see the level of commitment from each team member and can allocate time accordingly.

The Importance of Reviews

The role of a mentor and your upline director is to motivate you and to help you figure out the most productive way for you to spend your time. You should trust your upline director to set your schedule within your Valentina working hours and should be willing to commit to the course of action laid out. Your mentor will be there to support you every step of the way, but they cannot build your business for you and you must follow through on the tasks which are set and try your best to meet the milestones by the agreed dates. 

Without properly cataloguing your work and the results over each time period, your mentor and upline director will be unable to accurately assess your productivity and advise on the best course of action. Proper planning and accurate recording of your activity will ensure that you know exactly what you have actually done and will enable your mentor to guide you to greater success.

Planning alone won’t automatically improve anyone’s productivity or sales, but when combined with regular reviews and ongoing mentoring, it will ensure that you that you work more efficiently and that you are never overwhelmed. 


About The Author

Jessica is a Senior Director at Valentina. She has over 10 years experience as a party planner and is currently mentoring a team with over 20 qualified team leaders in her first level.

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