Asked & Answered: Everything You Need To Know About Valentina

This London based company has been taking the jewellery industry by storm since 2016, offering affordable customisable jewellery and a Merchandiser opportunity which is helping women take control of their careers. Having just expanded their operations nationwide we dug a little deeper to find out why all of a sudden everyone seems to be looking into becoming a Valentina Merchandiser.

It's A Young Company With Huge Potential

They're operating in a multi-billion pound industry and so far they've barely scratched the surface. As of today Valentina have fewer than 100 merchandisers - they intentionally kept it small up until now to allow them to work out all the kinks before rolling out nationwide.

An Exclusive Opportunity

Most direct sales companies operate on a "pay-to-play" basis where the only requirement to join is that you are willing to pay for a starter pack. Valentina is different, they have an application process and their Merchandisers are hand-selected from each region to avoid oversaturation.

No Pressure To Sell Or Recruit

Merchandisers choose their own hours and call the shots. How much they work is up to them and there are no minimum requirements. Valentina give their Merchandisers the option to build a team if they desire, but there is no pressure to recruit.

Merchandisers Make A Real Difference

Through their "five for one" campaign Valentina feeds 5 children in need for every necklace purchased. It's message has been a hit with millennials, a crucial and difficult-to-reach market for any company. Their success so far has demonstrated that it's possible to have a social purpose and operate as a successful business.

They're The First To Successfully Offer Charm Jewellery At A Lower Price

Charm jewellery has always come at a steep price. However, since Valentina only operates online and direct through their network of Merchandisers, they can offer their customisable jewellery at a fantastic price.

No Need To Hold Inventory

All orders are fulfilled directly by Valentina so you don't need to hold any inventory. They provide free, fast delivery direct to your customers so you don't need to worry about order fulfillment and can spend more time focussing on sales.

They Genuinely Care About Their Customers and Merchandisers.

Whether it's for help, a question, or just to say hello, their customer service team is always quick to answer every single email and call. It's even been known for customers to send gifts to the Valentina team.

Looking to make a switch? Valentina makes it easy to get started with a subsidised Starter Kit for just £150 (worth £700) when you become a Merchandiser. Click here to learn more or begin your application.